Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yoga Week 1 and 2

I started my "return to yoga" journey on April 1st. What started out as a frustration with my lack of flexibility, that I always had, has grown into quite something much greater than flexibility. They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. Now that I am into day 17, I feel a habit has already developed. I have never enjoyed working out, always thought of it as a chore, something I had to do. Now, 17 days in, I can say I enjoy my yoga sessions and look forward to them. Here is a look at my first 2 weeks.

Week 1, April 1, 2014
- Can now touch my toes
- Able to get up in a bridge
- Wrists are sore, not use to all the weight on them
- Working on holding poses longer
- Had to take a couple days easy to help with the wrists

Week 2, April 8, 2014
- Can now get my palms flat on the floor, YES!!!
- Downward dog, much better
- My splits are terrible!
- Managed to do a jump through (the beginner version)
- Went to my first yoga class, woohoo!
- Found a good Pandora yoga station to listen to, helps a lot!

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