Friday, April 11, 2014

A J.Crew Confession

I think I have a J.Crew problem, kind of like my Coach problem in 2000.
J.Crew New Balance

I know the catalog by heart, style names, print names, employee names at my local J.Crew store (Hi Starr and Sam!). I actually open my J.Crew emails. I know when to wait for a sale. They let me use my teacher discount, on top of sale items. I find myself in J.Crew once a week, sometimes more. I don't always buy something when I go in, but I like to see all the new arrivals in person.

Once in a while I come across an item "I HAVE TO HAVE;" you know that feeling. You just see something, connect with it, and by golly, HAVE TO HAVE IT. That happened to me with the J.Crew New Balance line. We are going to Washington D.C. in May and I wanted a new pair of walking  shoes. The next day I get the catalog in the mail and had an AHHHHHH (cue mystical music in the background) LET THERE BE LIGHT moment.

I immediately go online to buy them... sold out. NOOOOOOO. I even went so far to CALL and place an order over the phone from the hotline, who does that nowadays? Nope sold out. They did a nationwide store search in the system. Said they would get back to me in 48 hours with the results, nothing. WAHHHHHHH.

I went in to my trusty local J.Crew store, talked to Starr the manager. She understood my NEED for the shoes. She searched the system... and BINGO. Someone who ordered them online decided to return them to a store in New Jersey, in my size, in the color I wanted! It was meant to be. I gave Starr my info, she placed the order, and they were at my door in a few days. Thank you, Starr!

I was a little worried after all this work I would be disappointed when I actually got them, or they would not fit.

No worries, I loved them just as much in person AND they were very comfortable! Perfect for long sight-seeing days. I am so happy. I did need a new pair of shoes, and these were cheaper than a new pair of Nikes! I try to shop for deals. These were not on sale, but cheaper than I had in my mind.

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