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How to use the Vaporetto (water taxi) in Venice, Italy


Anyone who has been to Venice, Italy on a cruise ship knows the cruise docks a little outside the city. If you didn't, now you do :) You need to use transportation to get in the city. In this post I detailed how to use the Vaporetto (water taxi) in Venice, Italy. Let me know if you need questions!

Why use the Vaporetto? This allows you to go all over Venice and Murano, and is scenic! The other shuttles are direct to St. Marks ONLY. 

I was very lost getting off the ship and figuring out how to/where the people mover is located and the Vaporetto. I decided to photograph the journey to help future travelers!

I will attempt to explain in detail and pictures on how to get from the ship to St. Marks via Vaporetto.

1.) Depending on which side your ship docks at, you walk to the end of the pier/dock/platform you are docked at and make a left. There will be a red 2-story, long building to your right. You will first pass the express water taxis right there that take you to St. Marks (San Marco) direct from Celebrity (or your cruiseline). Next, the non-cruiseline direct water shuttle is 18 Euor PER trip and takes you direct to St. Marks. The non-cruiseline shuttle is between the 2 boats. However, we used the cheaper and quicker people-mover to get into the main part of Venice.

Pictured below: We are standing on the dock, in the center of the two ships in port. This is the spot where you can pick up the non-celebrity express shuttle. What would be in front of us, where we are looking would be the red, 2-story building.

We wanted the opportunity to possibly go to Murano, and possible go back out at night so a direct only route was not for us. The Celebrity shuttle was $22 but this is direct so if you want to see Murano or take more of a scenic ride, this is not the best option for you. But if you just care about St. Marks than this would be a good option for you.

The Vaporetto (water-bus type system) and People Mover are what we used; they give you the options to go as many times as you wish and allow you to go to other parts, such as Murano. Prices below. It is similar to a hop on/hop off land bus. If you get on an empty boat you can take a seat at the front for a nice scenic ride!

Pictured below: sitting in the front of the Vaporetto enjoying the scenic ride!

2.) Keep walking past the express shuttles. You will pass a kiosk selling the express tickets for express boats, we could not see the “people mover” from this viewing point. The nice lady told us we have to keep walking through a parking lot. You walk past a red colored port terminal building (the 2 story building I mentioned above). Once you get past this building (building on R, water on L) that is where the parking lot is. You make a right to walk across the parking lot. You kind of need to loop around that red building.

It is going to look a little sketchy but we did see other people from the cruising heading through the parking lot and construction zone. This whole area is under construction, which makes it even more confusing. Eventually we saw a monorail type track and a big banner that says “People Mover”

It took a little while, due to construction fences, to figure out how to access the people mover. It really is a short walk from the cruise, we were just confused due to construction. You make a right once you get past the construction to access the People Mover.

Pictured below: we are at the base of the people mover, you can see the top of one Celebrity ship and the red building that blocks the view of the ships, and you can see the construction lot we had to walk around:

3.) The people mover is 1 Euro. There are little machines at the bottom you use to buy your ticket. The People Mover (PM) is very fast, comes in 3-4 minutes, it has a count-down clock letting you know.

There are 2 directions: Roma and Tronchetto (might have the spelling wrong). When going to Venice you want the Roma direction, when coming home back to the ship you want Tronchetto.

4.) You exit the PM through a garage.

Here is a picture of the PM exit:

Make a left when you exit the garage and cross the street. We bought a map from a little kiosk here, I highly recommend you get a map. You should see a bridge at this point.

Walk towards the bridge and there to the left you will find the place to get tickets for the Vaporetto and pick up the Vaporetto. Make sure you note stations names so you get off at the right one .

This is what the bridge looks like:

ticket booth, left of bridge:

The tickets for a 2 day, 24 hour pass were 20 Euros. The Vaporetto is very fast and easy to use. The stop here, at the bridge where you access the PM is called P. le Roma. (easy to remember since the PM is Roma). We took the Vaporetto from P.le Roma to Rialto Station. We walked to St. Mark’s from this stop. You need to cross on foot the Rialto Bridge to get to St. Mark’s. As I mentioned before, do souvenir shopping on this side (before crossing bridge).

**If you want to go to Murano, just simply catch the Murano boat at the Ferrovia Station. It is a 30 minute ride.
** TO get to San Marco just follow the signs or ask people and thyey will kindly point you in the right way. We found it very easy to make our way to St. Mark’s.

VIDEO: Riding the Vaporetto in Venice. Very nice, relaxing, and scenic if you get a seat in the front

5.) To get back to the ship. Take the Vaporetto back to P.Le Roma and cross the street to enter the garage and take the PM back.

I hope this made sense and will help some of you out planning! If you have questions please ask me and I will do my best to answer them.

Ciao Ciao,

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