Saturday, March 8, 2014

Drinking Soy Milk Protein Shakes to Lose Weight

Replace one meal a day with this protein-packed shake to lose weight.

Soy Milk Protein Shake

My husband LOVES working out and staying in shape (I applaud anyone who loves working out, bless your heart). It kills him that I hate breakfast and that it takes me SO long to finally eat in the morning. My typical breakfast is a single cup of natural apple sauce, yep that's it. I am just not a breakfast person, I know I am not alone in this! Right? 

He is always drilling me, wait, that is not polite. He is always "telling" me I need protein in the morning. SO we came to a conclusion, and I hate to admit this, but why did I not listen to him sooner? 

I started drinking a protein shake with organic soy milk in the morning to get my day started! And let me tell you, it works! I feel fuller longer, have more energy, and has improved the waist line! 

So tell me, why does this work?
Protein: feel fuller and longer, takes more work to digest (when compared to carbohydrates)- which means you burn calories during the process, build lean muscles, and many studies prove high calorie diets work

Soy Milk: easier for the body to digest (when compared to animal milk), better for those with intolerance, slower to spoil, less calories and fat (depending on milk), greater amino acids, and more filling!

Cinnamon:  "Cinnamon also delays the passing of food from the stomach into the intestine. Hence, you feel satisfied for a longer time and eat less. This helps you lose weight. Cinnamon also helps the body to process carbohydrates more efficiently and this assists you in losing a few pounds." source

This is how I make my shake:
1.)   Fill shaker cup with 400 ml of organic soy milk (I use Publix brand, vanilla)
2.) Fill to the 600 ml line with purified water. I do this instead of filling up entirely with soy milk to save on calories.
3.) Dash of cinnamon
4.) 1 scoop (you could do 2) of vanilla Whey Protein
5.) Shake away and enjoy!

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  1. Whey protein stops your body from your blood sugar spiking, which in turn keeps you from overeating. Craig


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