Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Customize iPhone Icons

One night while stumbling around on Pinterest I came across the coolest image ever of an iPhone; It had cool and stylish icons for apps! Who knew you could change these???? Have you ever wondered how people are able to customize their iPhone icons to cute and stylish ones? Well, I played around in the app store one night during an insomnia attack and figured it out. It can be a little complicated at first so I took screen shots along the way to help. Let me know if you have any questions!

How to Customize iPhone Icons

Follow the steps below :)

To start, download the FREE (and awesome) app "Cocoppa"

Open the app, make sure "icons" is highlighted  

Scroll down past all the categories until you get to the bottom where you can search:

Search for the name of an app if you want icons to match. For instance, use search terms like Facebook, yelp, snapchat, pinterest, blogger, etc. 

I suggest you click on popularity. Browse the icons until you find one you like. Warning: this is not an easy task! Good luck, you will want them all!

Once you find an icon you like, click on it

Click "use this icon"

Now you need to select the app you want this icon to match. If we stick with the Facebook example, in the search box type in "Facebook" (or whatever the app is) and apps should pop up. Click on the app that you want to use, for instance Facebook.

Make sure it matches, and click ok. You will see in the example below I have a Facebook "pretty" icon and it shows the actual real Facebook icon below. This is how I can make sure they are in sync.

Note: DO NOT DELETE YOU ORIGINAL ICON! See the highlighted portion below :) 

Add the new icon to your homepage. I suggest you make a folder in your phone for the original apps and hide it away on the last page of your iPhone pages or something. I simply call mine "old apps" and have it on the last page.

And that's it! Now you can have pretty iPhone icons too! 

If you have any questions, please let me know!

I hope this was helpful to someone :)

*disclaimer: I do not own the Cocoppa iPhone application. This post is a review and demonstration on the app works on the blog owners personal iPhone. All the pictures in this post are from the blog owners phone.  I am not responsible for the app or how this app will work on your phone.

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