Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Wear Polka Dots (and Not Look Like Minnie Mouse)

How to wear polka dots and stay chic
No offense to Minnie Mouse, I do love her, but polka dots can go wrong... very wrong. Just like how leopard print can turn to Snookie status, polka dots can turn to Minnie Mouse. Here are 5 ways to wear polka dots and remain chic and sophisticated:

1. As a skirt. This works here because of the small dot size and neutral colors. 

2. Accent blouse. Black, white and gold is always a classic combination for a dressy look!

3. Blouse. When paired with a cardigan and light color skinnies this look become playful and chic.

4. As flats. You can never go wrong with navy! And the dot size, again is not overwhelming. The pointed toe also provides balance to the circular dots.

5. As a sweater. Here the dots get a little bigger than the above, however, the neutral color of the sweater keeps them calm. You can bright colors to your ensemble with accessories as seen here.

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